Welcome to Lazer3D!

Published on 29th June, 2016

Welcome to Lazer3D!

My name is Kevin Dolan, my profession is in Product Design and I have a keen interest in small but powerful computers, in particular small gaming PCs.

I have built many computers over the past few years and have tried out numerous different SFF cases from various manufacturers, but it always feel like you have to compromise on something.  The main problem with small cases is their poor thermal performance, if you put anything remotely powerful into them they run hot and loud.  Good SFF cases do exist, but they are usually either larger than they need to be, or very expensive.  The perfect small and affordable gaming case does not seem to exist.

Because of this I decided to develop a new SFF case that can fit powerful components, yet provide excellent thermal performance for a cool and quiet running system.

As development progresses I will post updates along the way, with the ultimate aim of getting the case into production in the near future.