LZ7 Design Update

Published on 28th August, 2016

Lazer3D Lz7 with HiFi feet

Just a quick update to let you know things are still progressing forward.  The 3D printed parts for v0.2 have been received, but I’m still waiting on the laser cut parts.

It was mentioned in some feedback about the possibility to add ‘HiFi’ style feet onto the case, for v0.2 I have added some holes onto the bottom panel that will allow you to screw your own feet in place, the first image of this post is a render of what the case would look like if you used the Lian-Li case feet (SD-01a 45mm diameter).  The render also shows the new 120mm and 140mm mounting holes on the GPU side for those who would like to add a dust filter. You can also see a textured line across the front which will be laser etched onto the surface of v0.2. I’m not sure how this will look in reality, it’s just an experiment for now.

Some other new changes include – In order to try and reduce the price of the case, for those who do not require the front USB and Audio I am hoping to offer an alternate side panel that will allow the customer to fit their own 16mm power switch (Vandell/Bulgin). There will also be a vented side panel for those who would prefer not to fit a dust filter:


And as a bonus here is a shot of the rear to give you a better idea of the component layout and the kind of clearances to expect: