Behind the Scenes of LZ7 Video Shoot

Published on 18th October, 2016

I visited my brother over the weekend who will be doing some YouTube videos of the case, they aren’t Hollywood style big budget productions! But just some fairly low key videos to hopefully give you guys more information about the case.

Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes of the video shoot:


You can see the microphone next to the GPU panel we were using in the following photo, the game on screen is Star Citizen running maxed out settings in 2560 x 1080, and on the right is my brother (Kiblams):



In case you missed it on Friday, the preorders for the LZ7 are now live.

Head on over to the Products section where you can choose from the Black or White version – First Edition, the case can be configured with various colour and panel design options.  Expected shipping date is early December 2016.