AMD Vega RX Nano!

Published on 31st July, 2017

closeup of the AMD Vega RX Nano





The guys over at SFF Network managed to get a first glance at what is believed to be the Vega RX Nano Graphics Card.  More details and photos have since emerged with the card having a board power of 150W, HBM2 based memory and a single 8 pin power connector.  Checkout the full article HERE.

First glance at the AMD Vega RX nano ITX length Graphics Card

The original AMD R9 Nano was the card that inspired the LZ7 back in late 2015, at that time the card was the most powerful ITX length GPU available delivering around the equivalent of a GTX 980 at only 152mm long.

The R9 Nano has since been dethroned by the latest generation of ITX length NVidia GTX 1060’s with equivalent performance and much lower power draw, these cards are also topped by short length GTX 1070’s from Gigabyte and MSI which are currently the most powerful mini GPU’s that can be ‘loosely’ classed as ITX cards.  Zotac have recently released ‘mini’ versions of the GTX 1080 and 1080Ti, but at 211mm in length they are still a little too big to fit in some of the smallest ITX cases, not just in length but also in height.

Benchmarks have surfaced that puts some unnamed RX Vega cards at just under GTX 1080 performance levels, it is also expected that RX Vega will have a higher power draw than the current NVidia Pascal GPU’s which is less than ideal for short length GPU’s.  However, AMD managed to sprinkle a little bit of efficiency magic onto their previous generation R9 Nano, allowing it to perform well beyond what you would have expected from its 175W TDP at that time.  Perhaps they can do the same again for the Vega generation?

Can the new AMD RX Vega Nano take the crown once more as the most powerful true ITX graphics card?  Hopefully we will find out soon.


**Photos used in this article were taken by SFF Network