Preparing for Launch! LZ7 Mini Updates

Published on 19th August, 2017

LZ7 with Sapphire Blue Open Side Panels and Fan guard configuration for maximum airflow performance and minimal noise

The LZ7 launch date is fast approaching and so here are few small updates to keep you going.







New packaging is ready to go, we have invested in our own custom branded design, developed from the ground up to provide increased protection during shipping:

Lazer3D custom branded packaging with LZ7 case sat on top Lazer3D open box showing panel protection compartments

The laser cutter has been busy making case panels:

Each case will have a unique serial number laser etched into the Rear GPU cover panel:

Laser Etched Serial Number Plates for the LZ7 SFF PC gaming case

Custom PCB panels for the case I/O have been received with shorter length cables to help with cable management:

PCB for PC Case IO panel, with shorter length cables to help with cable routing/management

Panels have been bagged and labelled for shipping to Overclockers UK:

Case Panels labelled and bagged ready for shipping

Metal threads have been hand pressed into each corner column with a selection of colours to choose from:

3D printed corner columns in a variety of colours for the Lazer3D LZ7 PC case

Case panels have been photographed so you can compare the different materials, example below:

LZ7 GPU side panel slotted vent configuration in Sapphire Blue Frost finish 3mm Perspex

Each side panel variant has also been photographed attached an LZ7 case to showcase how they look and react with various lighting conditions, some examples are below:

LZ7 with Midnight White open side panel with fan guard fitted for maximum airflow and minimum noise


LZ7 SFF gaming pc case with Aero vent side vent pattern


LZ7 GPU side panel with Mandarin Orange Frost finish and oversized slotted intake vents

To see the full gallery of panels visit HERE.

Stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks.