Wood Panels Now Available for the LZ7

Published on 12th December, 2017

LZ7 with Solid Wood Oak Front Panel

Lazer3D are pleased to announce that wooden front panels for the LZ7 will be available to order from today at Overclockers UK.  The panels can be selected in the configuration options when purchasing a full case or available to order on their own if you already have a case.

These panels are precision cut from solid wood that has been sanded and varnished for a high quality matt finish.  Due to the nature of being made from real wood no two panels are the same, each with its own unique texture, wood graining and colour tone characteristics.
A mid to light wood with a rustic look, full of detail, contrasting textures and some darker tones running along the grains.  Oak is a popular material used for furniture and flooring due its ability to compliment many different room styles and colours.  This material has a mixture of straight and curved graining, you should also expect some variation of colour shade and textures between panels.
A luxurious dark and rich wood mixed with bands of light and warm tones for a stunningly finished panel that compliments an all black case very nicely.  Walnut varies greatly from panel to panel, please check the comparison photos for examples of this before purchasing.  Some panels contain more of the lighter bands of colour than others, some have multiple bands, others may have none, but what you do get is a truly unique and beautiful one of kind panel.
A warm toned wood with sharp and detailed yet fairly consistent graining for an attractive contemporary look, a great choice for fusing together modern technology with subtle natural styling.  Cherry wood is fairly consistent in colour and tone from panel to panel with only a slight variation in the wood grain pattern.