Meet CG7 Cravo and Its creator

Published on 4th May, 2018

First of all, Nice to meet you!

I’m Caíque Guerra and now I’m a proud member of the Lazer3D Team! I am a product designer with interests on furniture design and decor. I’ve been designing PC cases for laser cutting as a hobby for a few years and a year ago I got into the SFF community, and that’s what got me here.

The CG7 Cravo is a project I’ve been working on for quite a while, and thanks to my collaboration with Kevin and our similarities in design language this project grew and now its almost ready for production. You can find the development thread for this case here, in the SFF Forum.


The  CG7 Cravo is a upcoming Lazer3D case. At 7L, this low profile high airflow case is a great choice for compact workstations, small desktop environments and modern looking living rooms.


I always liked the slim profile of workstation desktops, but never liked the OEM parts with weird internals and poor airflow. In my work and personal projects I use very CPU intensive applications for long periods of time. Unfortunately In SFF cases often there is a compromise in CPU temperature or noise, and in the search for a great CPU focused case, I began this project.

My inspirations for the aesthetics are mainly furniture design with a spice of Brazilian architectural elements and a touch of retro audio equipment. I wanted to make a case both elegant and functional, suitable for either a design agency or a living room. Modularity came in the process, being an element I always look after, both in aesthetics as in function.


This case design allows two distinct layouts, at vertical or horizontal orientation with both supporting CPU coolers up to 74mm in height and low profile GPUs.


TFX PSU layout

This layout is perfect for internal TFX PSU and mini ITX motherboards. Great for compact systems with support to 3x 2.5″ drives, 2x slim 92mm fans on the sidebacket, and a single 120 or 140mm fan over the cpu area. 2 slot low profile GPUs are supported in this layout with mini ITX boards, perfect for the current line of midrange gaming cards like the 1050 TI and workstation cards like WX4100 Or the new quadro p1000.


DC-ATX layout

By removing the TFX PSU we clear space for a compact Micro-ATX motherboards up to 19cm in width. This layout is possible thanks to Pico-style power supplys with support to either an internal HDPLEX AC-DC converters on lower side-bracket OR external power bricks.

By using a compact micro-ATX board this layout is perfect for those who need the extra pci slots, for sound cards, capture cards, gigabit Ethernet at the same time as gaming or workstation card.

Its also a good option for those who have a inexpensive system that usually ships with a compact motherboards like this that could be re-purposed as a media center or content creation desktop.


these and more photos can be found here