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Meet CG7 Cravo and Its creator

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First of all, Nice to meet you!

I’m Caíque Guerra and now I’m a proud member of the Lazer3D Team! I am a product designer with interests on furniture design and decor. I’ve been designing PC cases for laser cutting as a hobby for a few years and a year ago I got into the SFF community, and that’s what got me here.

The CG7 Cravo is a project I’ve been working on for quite a while, and thanks to my collaboration with Kevin and our similarities in design language this project grew and now its almost ready for production. You can find the development thread for this case here, in the SFF Forum.


The  CG7 Cravo is a upcoming Lazer3D case. At 7L, this low profile high airflow case is a great choice for compact workstations, small desktop environments and modern looking living rooms.


I always liked the slim profile of workstation desktops, but never liked the OEM parts with weird internals and poor airflow. In my work and personal projects I use very CPU intensive applications for long periods of time. Unfortunately In SFF cases often there is a compromise in CPU temperature or noise, and in the search for a great CPU focused case, I began this project.

My inspirations for the aesthetics are mainly furniture design with a spice of Brazilian architectural elements and a touch of retro audio equipment. I wanted to make a case both elegant and functional, suitable for either a design agency or a living room. Modularity came in the process, being an element I always look after, both in aesthetics as in function.


This case design allows two distinct layouts, at vertical or horizontal orientation with both supporting CPU coolers up to 74mm in height and low profile GPUs.


TFX PSU layout

This layout is perfect for internal TFX PSU and mini ITX motherboards. Great for compact systems with support to 3x 2.5″ drives, 2x slim 92mm fans on the sidebacket, and a single 120 or 140mm fan over the cpu area. 2 slot low profile GPUs are supported in this layout with mini ITX boards, perfect for the current line of midrange gaming cards like the 1050 TI and workstation cards like WX4100 Or the new quadro p1000.


DC-ATX layout

By removing the TFX PSU we clear space for a compact Micro-ATX motherboards up to 19cm in width. This layout is possible thanks to Pico-style power supplys with support to either an internal HDPLEX AC-DC converters on lower side-bracket OR external power bricks.

By using a compact micro-ATX board this layout is perfect for those who need the extra pci slots, for sound cards, capture cards, gigabit Ethernet at the same time as gaming or workstation card.

Its also a good option for those who have a inexpensive system that usually ships with a compact motherboards like this that could be re-purposed as a media center or content creation desktop.


these and more photos can be found here

20 Replies to “Meet CG7 Cravo and Its creator”

  1. Scott

    Hey there,

    I LOVE this case, however I have an SFX PSU and a Zotac GTX1080 mini I am trying to fit into a case.
    What are my chances?

    1. K888D

      Hey Scott, unfortunately the CG7 is not compatible with SFX PSU’s. However it can fit either a TFX PSU, or a variety of different DC-DC type power supplies such as HDPLEX and Pico PSU’s.

  2. Conrado Luiz

    Hi I loved the case,I’m from Brasil and for me this seams to be a The best case for my country because of temps,but I have an Silverstone SFX-L 800W,an GTX 1080 Ti FE with Kraken G12 and Corsair H105,are you planing on building an version a little bigger? Or do you have any case that can fit these hardware ?

    1. K888D

      Hi there, at the moment we do not have a case big enough to fit those components as we are primarily focusing on SFF market. We may however develop a bigger case in the future, but probably not within the next 12 months as we have a few projects we are working with the CG7 and HT5 coming to market very soon. Thanks for the interest though!

  3. Anonymous

    Outstanding looking product! When is it out for sale? And then an idea, have you though adding also option with front covered with fabrik? This option might be super good looking with polished aluminium frame. Folowing this anycase with great interest!

    1. Kevin Dolan

      Thanks for the comments! Fabric would be very unique, not sure how feasible it would be, but it’s something to think about for future development.

  4. Theo S

    They look so good. I want something like this to have in my front room. Love the old school wood look. Take my money.

    1. Kevin Dolan

      Thanks, keep an eye on the website for updates

  5. Phoebus Deng

    Any ways to make it even smaller to fit a flex atx? 😀

    1. Kevin Dolan

      Hi Phoebus, at the moment we do not have any plans to reduce the size of the CG7. However the CG7 Cravo will have an adapter bracket included that allows you to install a Flex-ATX PSU instead of a TFX PSU.

  6. Jeremy

    These are beautiful cases. I’m looking at setting up a half-decent gaming rig for about £1000. I.e. 1050/1060 should be fine, only need one more ssd. Do you think this would be possible? Or does the size mean the price of GPU’s, PSU’s etc. are out of my price range? Also additionally, what do we know of temperature effects with such a setup? What are the limitations? Thanks.

    1. Kevin Dolan

      Thanks for the comments! You should be able to build a really nice gaming compact PC in this case for your £1000 budget no problem. The case is only compatible with low profile GPU’s, which means that the NVidia GTX 1050Ti is the most powerful GPU you can fit and your best choice. I have put together an example parts list for you here: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Lazer3D/saved/rmQbXL , this comes in at around £750 (case not included in total).

      1. Anonymous

        Awesome, this is really helpful, definitely interested. I am looking however for an intel build, though my lack of knowledge regarding power and temps means I have no idea how far I can go in terms of cpu. How strong could say the i5 go? 8400? Can anything be slightly overclocked in a build like this or is that out of the question?

        1. Kevin Dolan

          No problem, I’ve updated the parts list: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Lazer3D/saved/rmQbXL for an Intel build, it comes in around the same price and includes the i5-8400 which is a great gaming CPU.

          In terms of Overclocking, yes the chassis would be capable of some light CPU overclocking when using the Noctua NH-L12S CPU cooler, however you would need a K series (unlocked) type CPU and a Z series motherboard which will bump up your budget quite a bit. I’m not sure you would see any benefit in gaming by overclocking or choosing a more powerful CPU than the i5-8400 as it is already a very strong CPU that can handle a much stronger GPU than the GTX 1050 Ti.

          Hope that helps.

        2. Anonymous

          certainly did! tyty!

  7. minimal1210

    Would this thing be able to fit an NZXT Kraken x42 AIO cooler?

    1. Kevin Dolan

      Unfortunately not sorry, the CG7 has up to 72mm of CPU cooler height to play with. The top cooler I would say is probably the Noctua NH-L12S

  8. Scott

    If this took a full sized expansion card (gpu) I would buy it in a heart beat. Absolutely love the design aesthetic!!

    1. Kevin Dolan

      Thank you very much, unfortunately the case would have to be quite a bit larger to accommodate a full size GPU.

      1. Scott

        Yeah I completely understand. You have really nailed the aesthetic on this one though I must say.
        In the end I have had a custom case made and will be attempting to make a facia similar to what your cases have as I simply love the look.

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