Introducing the LZX-8 – PreOrder Now!

Published on 22nd April, 2021


Lazer3D is excited to announce our new sffpc case the LZX-8, available to pre-order NOW with shipping starting in mid to late May 2021.

CLICK HERE to pre-order, or read below for more details

The LZX-8 incorporates all the best features of our popular LZ7 case and mashes them together with improved features, higher quality materials, and even more customisation, but best of all – a lower price!

The LZX series will be our flagship platform of modular cases going forward, with the LZX-8 being the first to launch.  

Over time we will be expanding the line with upgrade kits to increase the size and functionality of the case (similar to how the LZ7 XTD works) for increased hardware compatibility.

The LZX-8 measures a very compact 8.6 litres.  Although slightly larger than the LZ7, the extra space has been used effectively to increase hardware compatibility, helping to address the recent trend of ever increasing component sizes, such as thicker and longer GPU’s.

Lazer3D cases are not designed to be the smallest on the market, but instead offer a a sensible and well balanced layout in combination with a highly efficient airflow design, allowing for a compact and powerful system that also runs cool and quiet.

One of the ways we have managed to reduce the cost whilst increasing quality compared to the LZ7 is moving away from expensive multi colour 3D printing for the corner pieces, to CNC precision cut Aluminum anodized corner pieces.  

Even though the manufacturing cost per corner piece is roughly the same, we have adjusted the design to only require 2 corner pieces per case instead of 4, yet still retain the classic chamfered “LZ styling”.   We feel this solution offers a good compromise between unique aesthetics and reduced pricing.

Other upgrades we have made to the LZX-8 over the LZ7 include increased GPU length compatibility from 186mm up to 205mm, allowing some of the new RTX 3060 Ti dual fan mini cards from EVGA and Asus to fit.  This extra length also allows for a single 3.5″ hard drive to be fitted in front of the motherboard in certain layouts. 

An extra 2mm has also been added to the case height benefitting CPU cooler and GPU power cable clearance.

The LZX-8 also sits 20mm wider, meaning standard full thickness (25mm thick) 140mm fans can now be mounted to the side of the case for more powerful and quiet system cooling.

The extra case width has also been used to benefit the GPU with an extra 10mm clearance now allowing 2.5 slot cards to be installed.  Primarily this will help to improve compatibility for full length cards when we release an extended version of the case in the future.  

However, this extra GPU width clearance also benefits dual slot cards as the 10mm clearance between the side panel vents and GPU fans vastly reduces fan turbulence noise for quieter operation.

At the heart of every Lazer3D case is customisation and with the LZX-8 we have taken this one step further by adding even more material and design choices, whilst behind the scenes we have worked on ways to simplify the manufacturing process  to reduce costs and lead times.

New for the LZX-8 are a selection of optional Vinyl Wrap layers, precision cut and pre-applied to add even more choice and variety for designing your perfect case.  To start with we will be offering Carbon Fiber effect, with potential for different finishes down the line. 

With our new customisation setup the LZX-8 has more than 70 million possible design combinations!


The LZX-8 is available to pre-order from today until 14th May 2021 at a special introductory price, shipping will start on a first come first basis from the middle of May 2021.

As a thank you for being an early supporter pre-order pricing will include a small discount.


The LZX-8 will start at £139.99 (including 20% VAT) for anyone who pre-orders before 14th May 2021, after which standard pricing of £149.99 (including VAT) will begin.

The LZX-8 is fully customisable, therefore the price is updated depending on which options are chosen in the configurator.

Anybody who does NOT live in the UK will not pay 20% VAT, this will be deducted during checkout when you enter your country.  For those who live outside the UK the LZX-8 ex VAT pricing starts at £116.66 for pre-orders and standard pricing of £124.99 thereafter.


Once we have shipped all pre-orders we will be launching a “pre-configured” version of the LZX-8 available in addition to the customisable version.  This will be an all black case with a white vandal power switch, radial/slotted vents and will NOT be customisable.

The benefit of this case is that it will be stocked and ready to ship for those who would prefer not to wait for a custom case, the price will also be slightly lower.

The pre-configured LZX-8 will be available for £139.99 (including VAT), we expect this to become available to purchase in early June 2021.


Please click HERE to view the LZX-8 pre-order product page

Or, click HERE to go straight to the LZX-8 configurator page


The LZ7 and LZ7 XTD will continue to be fully supported going forward, it will still be available for purchase (pricing will increase by £10 from 14th May 2021) and replacement parts will still be available to order for the foreseeable future.