HT5 Design Update

Published on 28th September, 2022

The Lazer3D HT5 is an ultra compact and slim 5 litre PC case that can support a full “low profile” desktop system, this is achieved by using compact DC-DC style power supplies.  

HDPLEX are known for pushing the envelope in this field providing high wattage fanless designs in tiny packages.  Their latest product is the HDPLEX 250w Gan AIO power supply, it does not require any external adapters, can be installed inside your system and can be plugged directly into your mains wall socket with a standard kettle lead.

The HT5 side panels have been updated to accomodate the HDPLEX 250w AIO GaN as well as all their existing models, meaning external adapters are no longer required for a much cleaner and simple build.

The Side panels have changed from an “angular” slot style, to a “horizontal”slot style with a series of spaced holes along one edge.  This new mounting system allows for both the new and existing style of HDPLEX units to be fitted. 

Below you can see just how compact the new HDPLEX 250w GaN PSU is when compared against ATX and SFX models:

Updated HT5 – HDPLEX Compatibility:

  • 250w Gan Passive AIO (Complete PSU)
  • 400w HiFi DC-ATX (External AC Adapter required)
  • 200w Direct Plug DC-ATX (External AC Adapter required)
  • 200w AC-DC Adapter

Not Compatible:

  • 400w AC-DC

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions drop them below and we’ll get back to you asap.