The Commander X16 Case is almost here!

Published on 14th April, 2023

Lazer3D are excited to announce our collaboration with The 8-Bit Guy for his newest project: The Commander X16!  

Inspired by the original Commodore 64 computer, this retropc hobby computer aims to bring back the nostalgic sounds and graphics of the late ‘80s in an accessible, and fully functioning system fitted with modern and off-the-shelf components.  

After learning about this project we approached the 8-Bit Guy and have since been collaborating on a custom case specifically designed to fit the Commander X16 board and provide all the required functionality in a neat package. 

On the 13th of April, we received a parcel from Texas containing one of the first Commander X16 developer boards to be released into the wild, we feel extremely honoured to be amognst the first to get our hands on this piece of awesome retro tech! Putting our personal excitement to one side, the real reason we have this board is to make sure we get everything fitting together milimeter perfect and test all interfacing functionality between the board and the case.

Alongside the Commander X16 board we were also sent a Famicon Cartridge and PCB so that we can develop a method of cartridge insertion. 

As for the case itself, we have designed a low-profile micro ATX case that will have the back plate adapted to the rear IO port shapes of the X16 board in order to give the case a refined look. 

The Commander X16 board can be powered by any 12V DC-DC style PSU, we recommend something like a low profile Pico PSU and an external 12V AC-DC Adapter. We have a guide and more information on DC-DC power supplies HERE

Alongside this white version of the case, we will also be producing a black and silver variant (shown about halfway through the video).  Make sure to keep an eye on our socials for continued updates and pre-order announcements!

Visit the links below for more information on the Commander X16 project:



First Lazer3D X16 case prototype featured on The 8Bit Guy’s channel: