LZX-15 Pre-Order Updates

Published on 12th May, 2023

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered the LZX-15, we are so happy with how positive the new case has been received by the community and we can’t wait to start shipping all your orders out!

Pre-Orders Open Until 19th May

We will be closing pre-orders in 1 week on Friday 19th May, if you want to take advantage of the limited time reduced price of £149.95 you have one week to get your pre-order placed!

Head over to the LZX-15 product page HERE and customise yours today!

Shipping Times

We are on track to begin shipping the first pre-orders in early June.

We expect new pre-orders placed over the next week to begin shipping late June / early July.

Full Launch

Depending on demand for pre-orders over the next week, we are targetting to re-open LZX-15 orders at standard price (£169.95) in late June with our standard 2 – 3 week manufacturing lead time.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support, to join in the discussion you can head over to our Reddit post.

Please feel free to comment or get in touch if you have any questions or feedback, thanks for reading!