Laser Cutting and Design Services

Laser Cutting & Design Services

We Are Lazer3D

Lazer3D offers bespoke Laser Cutting Services and 3D CAD Design based in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

Established in 2015, Lazer3D team members have 40+ years of combined creative design experience working in various industries.  Our on-site equipment and experience allow us to provide the full spectrum of 3D design services, prototyping and even small scale production.

Scroll down to find out more about the services we offer, or contact us today to discuss how Lazer3D can help bring your vision to reality. 

Our Services

Laser Cutting

Lazer3D provides professional laser cutting services for a variety of materials. We can deliver precise cuts with excellent repeatability, making us ideal for a range of applications from prototyping to small/medium scale production.

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Laser Cutting Services
Custom Laser Etched Slate Coasters

Laser Etching

Add a personal touch to a wide variety of materials or items with Lazer3D’s laser etching services.

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CNC Machining

With access to on-site CNC Machining Equipment, Lazer3D can offer precision cutting and shaping for a wide range of materials for both prototyping and small scale production.

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3D Printing Services in Leigh near Manchester - Lazer3D

3D Printing

Our on-site 3D Printing equipment means Lazer3D can quickly design, print and test prototypes, or work with our 3D printing partners to produce high grade product ready parts for small scale production.

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CAD Design

Lazer3D have extensive CAD Design experience, allowing us to offer a wide variety of services including 3D CAD modelling, 3D Photo Rendering and 2D Technical Drawing production.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help turn your ideas into reality.

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LZX-15 CAD Design and Prototype

Product Development

Whether you’re an individual with a new product idea or a business looking to improve existing products, Lazer3D can help with design, prototyping, and manufacturing, to get your product to market fast and efficiently.

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Prototyping and Manufacturing

Lazer3D have on-site access to a wide range of tools and manufacturing equipment, allowing us to quickly design, test and prototype new ideas.  We can also provide small scale maufacturing on-site, or work with our industry contacts and partners if your idea needs scaling up.

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Laser Cut Walnut Award Trophy Prototype

Packaging and Branding

Lazer3D’s team have extensive experience designing and developing a wide variety of product packaging styles, we can help develop your packaging and use our industry connections to deliver high quality retail ready solutions at competetive pricing for any quantity big or small.

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Product Photography

With many product launches under our belt, Lazer3D have gained the tools and experience for producing high quality product photography and video content, whether you require white background product shots, product lifestyle photos with real backgrounds, or something a bit more complex that involves photoshop editing, we can help.

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LZX-15 Walnut Fully Open - RTX 3090 FTW3

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