Portable PC Gaming Case?

Published on 24th September, 2016

Lazer3D LZ7 in STM velo 2 messenger bag

Small cases make great LAN party rigs and over the past few months I’ve received quite a bit of interest around how durable the case will be for transporting around.  So for the past week I’ve been lugging the case around with me like an extra child, but one that makes less noise and listens to me!

The case has been transported as a fully built up system, both standalone and in a bag. Due to its size and shape its very easy to carry under a single arm, so I don’t think a handle is really needed for convenient 1 handed transport, however it is something I will look at in the future.

Here is the LZ7 taking a ride in the passenger seat:

Somebody suggested about carrying the case in a bag, so I trawled Amazon for a few hours and settled on THIS messenger style bag, it has great reviews and only cost £25 delivered. The bag is an STM velo 2, it’s primarily designed as a 15″ laptop bag, but with extra space in the main compartment.

The LZ7 just about fits into the main compartment with a bit of room left over each side of the compartment for your accessories, there is just enough space left height wise to zip the bag shut. The bag also has loads of other compartments for storing your different bits and bobs:

Here is the velo bag closed up, there is a decent amount of padding to protect from minor bumps, the shoulder strap is nice and comfortable and the case doesn’t feel overly heavy being carried over your shoulder.

I’m going to continue carrying the case around for a while, but so far the LZ7 has handled everything fine. I am now bit more confident in saying that the case will be suitable for occasional transportation.