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RTX 4060 Inside the HT5?

Videocardz have reported that Gigabyte will shortly be releasing a low profile version of the NVidia RTX 4060. This is very exciting news for the Small Form Factor (SFF) space, with the previous top gaming low profile card being the GTX 1650, the RTX 4060 should offer around 2 - 3 times higher FPS in…

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Cryorig C7 inside CG7 Cravo – a Thermal investigation

Disclaimer: The Cryorig C7 cooler was sent by the Cryorig team by request. The Noctua fans and coolers mentioned in this review were also sent by Noctua per our request. The Noctua NH-L9i cooler performance in this case will be reviewed in a few weeks. In this review I’ll be using the Cryorig C7 CPU…

CONTINUE READING Cryorig C7 inside CG7 Cravo – a Thermal investigation 6 min read

Noctua NH-L12S Compact Cooler Review

NOCTUA NH-L12S ​ Noctua recently released an updated version of the NH-L12, replacing the dual fans (92x25mm + 120x25mm) with a single 120x15mm fan. Other changes include an increase in height of the heatsink up to 70mm (was 66mm) to allow fan clearance above standard height RAM. I ordered one for 2 reasons, firstly to…

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DC-DC Panels Now Available for the LZ7

  Lazer3D is pleased to announce a range of new LZ7 case panels enabling DC-DC power supply compatibility, available to order now at Overclockers UK.     WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?  In simple terms it means increased system wide cooling potential. The LZ7 is already a very capable case with excellent cooling potential for its size, but if…

CONTINUE READING DC-DC Panels Now Available for the LZ7 6 min read

What is the Best CPU Cooler for the LZ7?

INTRODUCTION You may be planning to build a new system inside the LZ7 and wondering which CPU cooler to pick, if you are looking for the best balance between low temperature and low noise then hopefully this article will help. The LZ7 is capable of running cool and quiet when paired with a 65W TDP…

CONTINUE READING What is the Best CPU Cooler for the LZ7? 8 min read

LZ7 Reviewed by Tek Everything

Thank you to Jay from Tek Everything for this fantastic video review of the Lazer3D LZ7 SFF Gaming PC Case: As always Tek Everything have put together a great in depth video, the quality of the camera work is exceptional and the case looks great.  I think Jay really hit the nail on the head…

CONTINUE READING LZ7 Reviewed by Tek Everything 2 min read

LZ7 i7-7700 Silent SFF Gaming Build

  In this article, I wanted to look into what the LZ7 is capable of when running a maxed out system based on its recommended components.  Although some people have built great LZ7 systems with 95w TDP overclocked CPU’s, if you value silence (as I do) then I would recommend sticking to a 65w CPU. AMD’s new 65w…

CONTINUE READING LZ7 i7-7700 Silent SFF Gaming Build 11 min read

Fan Performance Testing (Part 1)

This is the first of a 2 part article investigating fan performance and how it is affected by case design.  The research is being used to improve and develop current and future Lazer3D cases. INTRODUCTION I think most people are aware that fan performance is affected by vent design and close proximity to flat surfaces, but…

CONTINUE READING Fan Performance Testing (Part 1) 7 min read

How Low Can You Go? Budget Gaming PC Test

I've wanted to play Battlefield 1 and Fallout 4 since they came out but I've just been too busy. With the Christmas holidays upon on us it was the ideal opportunity for some well earned gaming time! Unfortunately I've not got access to my main gaming system (LZ7 with i5 and GTX 1070), however I do…

CONTINUE READING How Low Can You Go? Budget Gaming PC Test 9 min read
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