DC-DC Panels Now Available for the LZ7

LZ7 ITX Gaming case with Noctua NH-U9S


Lazer3D is pleased to announce a range of new LZ7 case panels enabling DC-DC power supply compatibility, available to order now at Overclockers UK.


LZ7 with External AC-DC Power Adapter Dell 19v 330w


WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?  In simple terms it means increased system wide cooling potential.

The LZ7 is already a very capable case with excellent cooling potential for its size, but if you don’t mind trading an SFX power supply for an external power brick you can open up more space inside the case which can be dedicated to higher performance cooling options, including up to 130mm tall CPU coolers, 120mm AIO watercoolers or extra case fans.

DC-DC Power Supply Storage Mount



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11 Replies to “DC-DC Panels Now Available for the LZ7”

  1. Jerome

    Great job and great news!
    Now I’m even more interested in buying one!! (when the budget allows it) 🙂

  2. Nolan Pho

    Looks amazing, about to attempt this configuration myself!

    Is it necessary to have the Anti-Vandal LED powerswitch panel to allow space for the HDPLEX? or can you use the standard panel with full IO?

    1. K888D[ Post Author ]

      You will need to use an Anti-Vandal switch as the wires on the rear of the Full IO power panel will interfere with the HDPLEX DC-ATX when its mounted in the front of the case. Hope that helps.

      1. face7777777

        Could not find a link for this kit. How could I buy one of these.

        1. Kevin Dolan[ Post Author ]

          The DC-DC panel options are available at Overclockers UK which can be ordered here: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/lazer3d-lz7

  3. imperium00

    Is it possible to have every side like the XL-vent top panel ? I don’t really like the front panel. It’s probably for the storage, but if we use a M.2 ssd, we can have XL-vent panel. Same for the left side panel.

    1. Kevin Dolan[ Post Author ]

      Hi, it is possible yes but it would need some work to modify all the panels, this will add on some cost for the extra design and laser cutting time required. Please email [email protected] if you would like to discuss this further.

  4. Austin

    Hi, Kevin. Love this design and I’m very interested in considering a pair of these for my wife and me, but I have a few questions:

    1. Is it possible to mount the DC-DC unit (e.g. HDPLEX 400W HiFi) to the rear panel instead of installing a fan? It looks like there might be mounting holes, but hard to tell.
    2. Similar to imperium00, my ideal case would not have the SD / DC-DC “caddy” on the side. Instead, I’d like it to be open with the possibility of mounting another fan there (120 or 140). Would something like this be possible?
    3. Is it remotely possible to fit a 25mm fan on the front? Would it be possible to fit one on the “caddy” side with the caddy removed and a vented panel installed? I’m also curious as to what kind of space you’re finding between the dual-slot GPU’s heatsink and the edge of the case. I.e. Could a 15mm or 25mm (ideally) fan be installed if the GPU shroud and fan were removed?

    We run our own business and get a lot of “custom” order requests, so I can understand the pains of trying to satisfy everyone. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    1. Kevin Dolan[ Post Author ]

      Hi Austin, I will try and answer your question below:
      1. Yes, there are mounting points on the “Rear DC-DC Panel” for the HDPLEX DC-ATX models (e.g. 400w HiFi).
      2. You can install a fan instead of the storage panel, but you would require a custom front panel with the fan mounting holes and ventilation holes for the fan to breath.
      3. As number, yes, but you would need a custom front panel. We do have this design ready to go, but in my personal opinion it spoils the aesthetics of the case.
      4. Answering your question from below – unfortunately not, installing a fan against the front panel would restrict you to using the 16mm Vandal power switch only.

    2. Kevin Dolan[ Post Author ]

      Just saw your GPU to side clearance question – there is about 3mm gap from a standard dual slot card to the side inside of the side panel. In order to install your own fan you would need to remove the GPU shroud and fan and install your own 15mm (slim) 140mm fan. I have seen 1 or 2 customers do this a while ago, but there results where quite underwhelming. Don’t underestimate the importance of the shroud for a GPU, it plays an important role in directing airflow across the heatsink, removing it will reduce performance.

  5. Austin

    I meant to also ask, assuming a vented panel could be installed on the side and a fan installed (15mm or 25mm), would the full-IO panel be possible or do you think the cables would interfere?

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