RTX 4060 Inside the HT5?

Published on 15th July, 2023

Videocardz have reported that Gigabyte will shortly be releasing a low profile version of the NVidia RTX 4060. This is very exciting news for the Small Form Factor (SFF) space, with the previous top gaming low profile card being the GTX 1650, the RTX 4060 should offer around 2 – 3 times higher FPS in most games along with extra features such as Ray Tracing, DLSS and AV1 encoding.

Looking at the images released by Videocardz, the new Gigabyte RTX 4060 model looks slightly longer than other standard sized dual slot low profile cards. Usually low profile cards such as the GTX 1650 and the A2000 models are 170mm in length.

I’ve done some basic analysis of the images and we can estimate the card is 180mm long with triple 50mm fans, the PCB is 160mm long with the 8 pin power connector on the rear of the PCB facing backwards rather than upwards. When you plug in the 8 pin power connector it should stay within the 180mm length of the card once you bend the wire round, meaning this card should work in cases that have around 185mm or more of GPU length clearance.

Will it Fit in the HT5?

The above image shows a 170mm long low profile GTX 1650, possibly the MSI model if my memory serves me correctly.

The HT5 can fit a low profile dual slot GPU up to 194mm in length, however there are some limitations to layout options when the GPU is longer than 170mm as the power button will have to be located to the opposite side to the GPU, which restricts what kind of power supplies you can use.

See below for layout options:

Perhaps in a future update there may be something we can do to make the power button work on the same side as the GPU, allowing you to fit the HDPLEX 250w GaN on the opposite side as well for an all in one tiny 5 litre gaming PC.

Power Requirements

Low profile cards are usually powered through the PCIe slot which can deliver up to 75w of power to the card, but the RTX 4060 has a TDP of 115w meaning it will require a top up from your power supply, this new Gigabyte RTX 4060 low profile model has opted for a single 8 pin power connector.

Typically a low profile card will be used in a system which has restricted power requirements, often using something like a DC-DC power supply, a Flex-ATX or a custom solution. You will therefore need to make sure the power supply you are planning to use includes an 8 pin PCIe power connector, or has an option to use adapters (i.e. 2x Sata power to 8 Pin adapter).

You will also need to make sure your power supply has enough surplus headroom to power the graphics card over your CPU and other system requirements (e.g storage drives, fans, motherboard, etc). Typically if you have a 65w TDP CPU then you should add around 20w for the rest of your system, meaning a 90w PSU will be sufficient so long as your CPU doesn’t exceed the 65w rating.

Once you add in the RTX 4060’s 115w TDP into the equation your system will need at least a 200w power supply, ideally around 250w to be comfortable. HDPLEX have a number of different power solutions for different use cases, you can check out their products HERE.