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New SFF Friendly Graphics Cards for 2024

Nvidia’s 4000 generation has delivered a huge step forward in power efficiency, bringing back excitement to the SFF PC space.  Recent innovations such as a low profile version of the 4060 from Gigabyte means AAA gaming is now a realistic option for tiny half height systems.   HT5 Photo credit:  @devyn.johnston |  _heavygrain Aside from ultra expensive workstation…

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LZX-8 DiddyReviews YouTube Video

May 26, 2023

Thank you to DiddyReviews Tech for putting together this glowing and in-depth review of the Lazer3D LZX-8 SFF PC Case. We can't wait to see...

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LZX-8 Reviewed by STS

April 29, 2021

  Thank you to the STS YouTube channel for putting together this amazing and in-depth review of the new Lazer3D LZX-8 SFF Gaming PC Case, watch the...

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